Geologic wonders and remarkable human history.

A rocky landscape of natural wonders and human talent, Cappadocia is Turkey’s very own fairytale kingdom. Initially shaped by volcanic eruption and erosion, locals and religious refugees worked the already-breathtaking topography into an impressive network of underground chambers, tunnels, and cities thousands of years ago.

People have inhabited the region since ancient times, using hand tools to hollow out thousands of the freestanding tufa formations. These cave-like rooms once sheltered Turkey’s early Christians from invaders, and vast underground cities in the area housed up to 20,000 people. There are also more than 600 Christian churches carved into the soft rock, some dating to the third century AD. A few Cappadocian caves also serve as homes for modern-day troglodytes, who stay quite cool here in the hot summer weather.

A World Heritage site, Cappadocia’s rich and diverse cultural history is enough to attract anyone to the region.