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The Bodrum Peninsula is located across from the Greek island of Kos and between the quieter tourist areas of Turkey, Kusadasi and Marmaris.

  • Bodrum is a port city in the southwestern region of the Aegean Sea coast, historically known by its ancient name, Halicarnassus. It is home to underwater archaeology of shipwrecks dating back centuries. Due to its vast diversity, from its poignant historical heritage to its stimulating and contemporary lifestyle, Bodrum is one of the most popular resorts in the Aegean Sea.

  • Sandy beaches, refreshing blue bays, calm waters, boutique hotels, and trendy restaurants and clubs welcome a variety of international adventure seekers.

  • While it is a fashionable tourist destination in the Mediterranean, with its marinas, clubs, and an elegant upscale clientele from around the world, the feel of the peninsula is reminiscent of the French Riviera with an exotic touch.

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