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You will spend your nights along the sublime waters of the Turkish Coast aboard a wooden boat known as a Turkish Gulet.

Gulet is a modern version of the traditional wooden-hulled sailing ships that roamed the Aegean for centuries. Many of them are still built by hand and without the help of modern plans. Therefore, each schooner varies slightly from the next.​

These vessels are ideal for exploring the Turkish coast in search of ancient Lycian ruins and hidden coves, while anchoring in idyllic bays for the night.


One of the defining features of a Gulet journey is the appreciation for a return to nature and simple things: the clean, fresh air, the canopy of stars at night, and time for rest and reading. Swimming in the crystal-clear waters of the renowned Turkish Coast is, of course, one of the frequent highlights.

Not only is a Gulet cruise the best way to explore a fundamentally maritime civilization, sometimes it is the only way.

Even now, there are small coastal villages that are only accessible by sea.

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